Sauber and Alfa Romeo now as Alfa Romeo Racing in the fast lane
Kimi Räikkönen and the young Italian driver Antonio Giovinazzi will compete for the Alfa Romeo Racing team.

Since 2012, Interroll has been a close partner of the Alfa Romeo Sauber Formula 1 (F1) Team. Starting with the 2019 Formula 1 World Championship, the two historic brands, Sauber and Alfa Romeo, will compete with a new name as Alfa Romeo Racing. The 2007 World Champion Kimi Räikkönen and the young Italian driver Antonio Giovinazzi will compete for the team.

Just one year after it was founded on the 24th June 1910, Alfa Romeo made its debut in an official competition, winning the first Regularity Race in Modena. Since then, its sporting legend has been a string of victories and top-three finishes in many international championships, including Formula One. In 2019, the cars of Alfa Romeo Racing will sport the time-honoured four-leaf clover emblem that since 1923 has identified the fastest Alfa Romeo models.

Top of the motor sport in sight

The long-term partnership between Sauber and Title Sponsor Alfa Romeo was initiated in 2018. Over the past year, the Team made continuous progress and finished the championship in 8th place. The term of the collaboration has been further extended, with the ownership and management of Sauber remaining unchanged and independent. As Alfa Romeo Racing, the goal continues to be the achievement of ambitious results at the pinnacle of motorsport.

Two historic motorsport brands, a common goal

Frédéric Vasseur, Team Manager Alfa Romeo Racing, on the change of name: "It is a pleasure to announce that we will enter the 2019 Formula One World Championship with the Team name Alfa Romeo Racing. After initiating the collaboration with our Title Sponsor Alfa Romeo in 2018, our team made fantastic progress on the technical, commercial and sporting side. This has given a boost of motivation to each team member, be that track-side or at the headquarter in Switzerland, as the hard work invested has become reflected in our results. We aim to continue developing every sector of our team while allowing our passion for racing, technology and design to drive us forward."

Michael Manley, CEO FCA Group, says: "Alfa Romeo Racing is a new name with a long history in Formula One. We’re proud to collaborate with Sauber in bringing Alfa Romeo’s tradition of technical excellence and Italian panache to the pinnacle of motorsport. Make no mistake: with Kimi Räikkönen and Antonio Giovinazzi on one side of the pit wall and Alfa Romeo and Sauber expertise on the other, we are here to compete."

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Sauber Motorsport AG and Interroll have been collaborating for seven years. The two Swiss companies share common ideals, including speed, quality, reliability and a commitment to continuously improve their own performance. Alongside regular communication activities and customer events, the long-term partners’ fields of activity include regularly exchanging experiences regarding innovation management, process optimization, and improved efficiency. Good luck!  As leading global supplier, Interroll is responsible for making important contributions to the industry with innovations in terms of energy consumption, operator safety, ergonomics and hygiene. With the international Rolling On Interroll program, Interroll supports primarily small and mid-sized system integrators and OEMs and, together with these ROI partners, sends a strong statement for quality and leadership to the industry.

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