Belt Merge

Interroll Belt Merge conveyors facilitate the merging of two or more conveyor lines into a single product transport line and provide a solution for belt tracking whenever a short wide belt conveyor is utilized. Interroll Belt Merge conveyors eliminate side load tracking problems encountered on regular belt conveyors. These units are specially designed for manufacturing, warehouse/distribution center and airline baggage applications. An optional series of fixed position bed idler rollers allows for the safe, smooth transition of extra-heavy product loads.

Technical data

Capacidad de carga máx.

50 lbs./LF, max 750 lbs./total

Velocidad de transporte

Up to 568 fpm

Longitud máx. del módulo

60" - 360"

Sistema de accionamiento

Positive chain driven



10 gauge steel

Banda de transporte

Heavy duty hard black PVC

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